Peacebuilding & Democratisation

CA360 has 20 years of experience in development and education projects in Peacebuilding and Democratisation.

This includes multi-million euro, multi donor projects in education (student scholarships), development, food-aid, peacebuilding and democratisation across the Middle East since 2014

Previous consultancies include:

Norwegian People’s Aid: head of mission Syria programme (Democratisation & Peacebuilding)

Cordaid: project management

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs: contributions to scenarios on Syria. With Clingendael.

ICCO: peacebuilding unit

Oxfam-Novib: interviews on Arab revolutions.

The City of Amsterdam, Anti-Terrorism Unit: Research on the potential for Muslim women for radicalisation: Radically (In)Visible. (In Dutch)

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO): training on conflict analysis & writing advice.

Netherlands Institute for International Affairs (Clingendael): training on conflict analysis

Royal Military Academy: lecture on Syria

BNR Nieuwsradio: news analysis

Radio 1 (Netherlands): news analysis

The Network University: development of courses on Conflict Analysis, Gender & Conflict Transformation, Youth & Conflict Transformation

Bradford University, Department of Peace Research: Developing an Online Learning Pedagogy for Conflict Resolution Training. (Academia.Edu)