Mission & Values

WHY: Conflict Analysis 360 (CA360) believes in evidence based and new approaches to peacebuilding, democratisation & development. We believe they should be built on better conflict analysis, a full picture, 360 degrees. Current challenges of conflict, peacebuilding and migration need innovative solutions.

HOW: We do this through deep conflict analysis and bringing together the legitimate needs and interest of all stakeholders. True conflict transformation should target the underlying legitimate needs of all parties.

WHAT: We provide senior management, research, training and interventions in the fields of education, peacebuilding and democratisation with an added emphasis on the larger Middle East.


Innovation: CA360 researches and tests new ways of evidence based interventions in development, peacebuilding and democratisation.
Integrity: CA360 has a track record of and believes in honest and proper management of its work that is accountable to both donors and beneficiaries of its projects.
Wisdom: CA360 believes that its projects need to serve the now and the future. Doing what works entails patience and re-evaluation of approaches & results again and again.
Adventure: CA360 is inspired and energised by walking new paths and discovering new roads to new lessons. This means we are especially interested in innovative solutions and processes that might take us to new places where other companies or consultancy firms dare not tread.